Sanctions Alert Issue 37

20 April 2015
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Iran News
  • EU Court Construes “Financial Support to the Government of Iran” as not Requiring Link to Nuclear Proliferation
  • EU Relists 32 Shipping Firms and Iranian Bank on Nuclear Proliferation List
  • EU Extends Human Rights Sanctions
  • US Quietly Delists Alleged Middleman in Sale of Pakistani Nuclear Secrets to Iran
EU News
  • EU Updates its Restrictive Measures Best Practices Paper
  • Al-Qaeda: EU Adds and Removes Individuals to and from Sanctions List
US News
  • US Updates FAQ on Cuban Sanctions
  • US to Delist Cuba as State Sponsor of Terrorism
  • US and Saudi Arabia Target Charity Alleged to Fund Terrorism
  • US Pursues Two New Drugs Cartels
  • US Approves Syria General License for Publishing
  • US Implements UN Security Council Sanctions Against Houthi Leaders in Yemen
  • US Adds Tunisian Recruiter for Ansar al-Sharia to Specially Designated Nationals List
UN News
  • Al-Qaeda: UN Security Council Committee Adds Two Tunisian Brothers to Sanctions List
  • Liberia: UN Security Council Committee Ends Travel Ban on Serbian National
World News
  • Japan Extends Sanctions Against North Korea