Sanctions Alert Issue 38

15 May 2015
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EU News

  • Central African Republic: EU Amends Sanctions Regime
  • Iran: ECJ Allows Annulment Application
  • Burma: EU Extends Duration of Sanctions Regime
  • Al-Qaeda: EU Adds Two Individuals to the Sanctions List
  • Al-Qaeda: EU Annuls Restrictive Measures Against One Individual
  • Zimbabwe: ECJ Rejects Annulment Application
  • Zimbabwe: EU Removes Five Individuals from Sanctions List
  • Ivory Coast: EU Removes Individuals from Sanctions List, Updates Information
  • DRC: EU Updates Identifying Information
  • Syria: ECJ Rejects Annulment Application, Anbouba Appeal
  • South Sudan: EU Combines Sanctions Regimes

US News

  • OFAC Updates Guidance on Transactions with Russian Entities Subject to Sectoral Sanctions, Issues New Guidance on Remittances to Crimea
  • OFAC Moves for Summary Judgment in Epsilon Car Audio Case
  • US Court Sentences BNP Paribas Under Plea Agreement
  • OFAC Issues New Guidance on Transport Between the US and Cuba
  • Four Companies and Five Individuals Indicted for Exports to Iran
  • US Lifts Sanctions Against Prominent Burmese Businessman and Companies
  • New Designations of Members of Criminal Organisations in El Salvador and Japan
  • New Terrorism Designations in Greece, Somalia and Lebanon

UK News

  • UK Renews Terrorist Asset-Freezing Designation in Respect of One Individual
  • UK High Court Rules for Bank Mellat on Preliminary Damages Issues
  • UK Energy Secretary Orders the Sale of North Sea Assets by Russian Owner