Sanctions Alert Issue 44

3 November 2015
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Iran News
  • Adoption Day: US and EU Take Steps to Implement Iran Nuclear Deal
  • Switzerland to Ease Iran Sanctions
  • CJEU Rejects First Islamic Investment Bank’s Annulment Application
  • OFAC Clarifies Secondary Sanctions for Non-US Suppliers to Iranian Diplomatic Missions in Third Countries
Russia and Ukraine News
  • European Commission Updates Guidance on Russia Sanctions
  • EU Publishes Space Industry-related Exceptions to Russia Sanctions
  • EU Renews Ukraine-related Asset Freeze on One Individual
EU News
  • Al-Qaeda: EU Amends Sanctions List
  • Belarus: EU Suspends Sanctions for Four Months
  • Belarus: CJEU Annuls Sanctions Against Belarusian Football Club
  • Liberia: UN and EU Repeal Financial Sanctions
  • Syria: EU Widens Sanctions Regime
US News
  • OFAC Authorises All Transactions with Nine Selected Belarusian SDNs for Six Months
  • Crédit Agricole Unit Agrees to $787 million Settlement with US Agencies for Wire Transfer Violations
  • OFAC Issues Finding of Violation, Without Accompanying Monetary Penalty, for Persian Carpet Payments
  • OFAC Issues Guidance on “False Hit” Lists
  • OFAC Designates Honduran Bank and its Owners as Narcotics Traffickers, Authorises Dealings with Honduran Liquidators
  • OFAC Blocks Companies and Individuals Linked to Narcotics Trafficking
  • US Blocks Additional Members of ISIL, Caucasus Emirates and the Taliban
  • OFAC Fines US Travel Agency for Cuba Trips
  • Three Convicted for Illegal Exports from US to Russia
  • Debevoise Client Update: U.S. Further Relaxes Cuba Sanctions
UN News
  • UN Security Council Intends to Impose Libya Sanctions
UK News
  • Export Control Organisation Updates and Amends OGELs
  • UN Adds British Individual to Sanctions List