Sanctions Alert Issue 46

10 February 2016
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Upcoming Events

  • Debevoise to Host Iran Sanctions Seminars in New York and London on 1 and 3 March

Iran News

  • EU and US Announce JCPOA Implementation Day
  • Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Australia and Canada Lift Sanctions on Iran
  • Iran Unveils Post-Sanctions Framework for Oil and Gas Contracts
  • US Adds 11 Entities and Individuals to Sanctions List for Iran Ballistic Missile Procurement
  • Bank of England Licences Three Iranian Banks to Reopen in the UK
  • CJEU Upholds NIOC Subsidiaries’ Listings and Rejects Challenges to Press TV Listings
  • EU Re-Lists OPIC
  • EU De-Lists Bank Sepah
  • Iranian Company Pleads Guilty and Is Fined for US Export Violation
  • Chinese National Extradited from UK to US Pleads Guilty to Illegal Export to Iran
  • US Suspends Export Privileges of UK and Gambian Companies and Individuals for Alleged Sale of US Aircraft to Iranian Airline

Russia and Ukraine News

  • EU Extends Russia Sanctions to 31 July 2016
  • Russia’s Ukraine Sanctions and Turkey Sanctions Extension Take Effect
  • UK Sanctions Individuals Named in Report on Death of Litvinenko
  • US Adds Five Russian Nationals to Magnitsky Sanctions List
  • US Expands Sectoral List to Identify Subsidiaries of VTB, Sberbank and Rostec, Also Blocks Crimean Banks and Businesses, Entities Linked to Russian SDNs, Ukrainian Separatists and Yanukovych Regime Officials

EU News

  • Central African Republic: EU Adds Two Individuals to Sanctions List
  • Syria: EU Delists One Individual and Two Entities
  • Syria: CJEU Rejects Annulment Application of Assad’s Uncle
  • Maldives: European Parliament Calls for Sanctions
  • EU Implements UN Amendments to Terrorist Designations
  • Libya: EU Consolidates Sanctions Measures

US News

  • Cuba: US Relaxes Requirements for Exports and Travel
  • Cuba: OFAC Answers Insurance-Related Questions
  • Cuba: Architecture Firm Settles with OFAC for Work on Cuban Hotel Project from UK Office
  • Burma: Most Import and Export Sanctions Suspended for Six Months
  • North Korea: OFAC Blocks North Korean Ship Management Companies and Bank Representatives Linked to Nuclear Proliferation
  • North Korea: US House of Representatives Sends Secondary Sanctions Bill to Senate
  • Zimbabwe: Two Banks Dropped from Sanctions List
  • Honduras: Banco Continental Windup Licence Extended
  • Mexico: Newspaper Executive and His Businesses Are Blocked Under Narcotics Trafficking Sanctions
  • Sudan: OFAC Issues Finding of Violation Against Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary for Facilitation of Affiliate’s Sudan Exports
  • Three Individuals Accused of Attempt to Export Controlled Semiconductors Stolen from US Military
  • OFAC Makes Multiple Designations under Terrorism, Narcotics, Organised Crime, Burundi and Central African Republic Sanctions Regimes
  • OFAC Publishes Cyber-Related Sanctions Regulations

UN News

  • UNSC Imposes Sanctions on ISIL
  • UNSC Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test and Considers Additional Sanctions

UK News

  • ECO Updates List of Strategic Military and Dual-Use Items Requiring Authorisation for Export
  • EU Scrutiny Committee Questions Success of Former Belarus Sanctions
  • New Approach to Arms Control, Counter-Proliferation and Export Controls in 2016
  • HM Treasury Publishes Sanctions Guidance for NGOs
  • HM Treasury Renews Designation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Other News

  • Basel Committee Issues Revised Guide to Account Opening and Customer Identification