Sanctions Alert Issue 47

31 March 2016
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Iran News
  • SWIFT Re-Opens for Iranian Banks
  • New Zealand and Pakistan Ease Iran Sanctions
  • Swiss Government Implements Iran De-Listings
  • Bank Mellat’s ECJ Challenge Upheld
  • Formerly Listed Individual’s Claim for Damages Against EU Dismissed
  • US Authorises Contingent Contracts for Exports of Aircraft and Parts
  • Central Figure in Turkish Bribery Scandal Arrested on Iran Sanctions Charges in US
  • US Finds MasterCard Failed to Report Blocked Property of Iranian Banks
  • New York Exporter Arrested for Alleged Illegal Exports to Iran
  • US Lists UK and UAE Businessmen and Companies Linked to Mahan Air
Russia and Ukraine News
  • US and EU Warn Underwriters to Stay Away from Proposed Russian Eurobonds
  • EU Renews Russia and Ukraine Sanctions
  • EU Listing of Five Ukrainian Individuals Annulled
North Korea News
  • UN Imposes New Sanctions on North Korea
  • US Imposes New Sanctions Blocking Property of North Korean Government, Targeting Key Industries and Authorising Secondary Sanctions
  • US Congress Adopts North Korean Secondary Sanctions Law
  • EU Implements UN Sanctions
  • Japan Increases North Korea Sanctions
  • South Korea Shuts Down Kaesong Industrial Park, Imposes New Sanctions
EU News
  • EU Extends Tunisia Asset Freeze
  • Most EU Sanctions Against Belarus Lifted
  • EU Sanctions Against Zimbabwe Extended
  • House of Lords Committee Reports Success on EU’s Russia, Iran Sanctions
US News
  • In Advance of Obama’s Cuba Visit, US Authorises U-turn Payments, Loosens Restrictions on Banking, Travel, Shipping and Other Activities
  • US Bars Use of Visa Waiver Programme by Dual Citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan and Recent Visitors to Those Countries
  • US Imposes, Then Suspends, Export Ban on Chinese Mobile Phone Manufacturer ZTE
  • Barclays Pays $2.5 Million Settlement for Alleged Transactions with Zimbabwean Entities Blocked Under “50% Rule”
  • Halliburton Pays $300K Settlement for Alleged Assistance to Project with 5% Cuban Ownership
  • Geosciences Company CGG Pays $600K to Settle Allegations of Providing Goods and Services to Vessels in Cuban Waters
  • Additional Individuals and Entities Designated Under Various Sanctions and ExportControl Regimes
UN News
  • UN Adds Joseph Kony and Lord’s Resistance Army to Central African Republic Sanctions List
UK News
  • UK Government Introduces Bill to Strengthen Enforcement of Sanctions
  • Challenge Against Inclusion in UN Al-Qaeda List Rejected
  • Home Secretary Accepts Sikh Youth Federation’s Application for De-Proscription
  • UK Extends JCPOA to Overseas Territories
Other News
  • Switzerland Mirrors EU’s Lifting of Belarus Sanctions