Sanctions Alert Issue 52

May 2017
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EU News
  • Belarus: EU renews Belarus sanctions
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: EU renews Bosnia and Herzegovina sanctions
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: EU amends identifying information in DRC listings
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: EU informs DRC that it is prepared to impose new targeted sanctions
  • Egypt: EU removes four individuals from asset freeze list
  • Iran: EU renews human rights sanctions
  • Iran: General Court dismisses relisting challenge; joined cases T-14/14 and T-87/14
  • Iran: EU delists multiple entities from Iran sanctions list
  • Iran: General Court dismisses challenge from Bank Tejarat to relist; Case T-346/15
  • Iraq: EU delists three entities
  • Libya: EU renews Libya sanctions
  • Myanmar: EU renews Myanmar sanctions
  • North Korea: EU delists five vessels
  • Russia: EU foreign ministers insist on maintaining Russia sanctions
  • Russia: EU renews targeted Russia sanctions
  • Russia: Annulment application of Almaz-Antey dismissed; Case T-255/15
  • Russia: CJEU upholds EU’s Russia sanctions in Rosneft judgment; Case C72/15
  • Syria: EU adds military officials to Syria sanctions list
  • Terrorist sanctions: EU makes series of amendments to terrorism-related listings
  • Tunisia: EU renews sanctions until January 2018
  • Zimbabwe: EU renews listings until February 2018
US News
  • Belarus: General license for transactions with specified Belarus companies is renewed
  • Central African Republic: Two militia commanders are blocked
  • Cuba: Anti-embargo activist settles claims of illegal travel
  • Export controls: Parcel forwarder pays $10 million civil settlement for unlicensed exports
  • Export controls: Chinese national pleads guilty to illegal exports of carbon fibre
  • Export controls: Ukrainian national arrested for exporting controlled items to Ukraine
  • Iran: Sanctions imposed on missile proliferators, IRGC officials and human rights abusers
  • Iran: OFAC updates general license for medical device exports
  • Iran: Chinese telecoms manufacturer ZTE agrees to almost $900 million in penalties in guilty plea to sanctions and export control violations
  • Iran: Taiwanese company violated sanctions by transacting with Iranian entity while in U.S. bankruptcy proceedings, OFAC finds
  • Iran: Executive of Turkish state-owned bank arrested in U.S. for alleged sanctions violations
  • Iran: Indian oil equipment reseller settles with OFAC over reexports
  • Iran: U.S. medical instrument company settles with OFAC for exports
  • Iran: Justice Department renews Clearstream Banking probe
  • Iran and Cuba: Bank settles with OFAC for banking and brokerage transactions
  • Narcotics sanctions: General licenses for Panama’s Balboa Bank expire, Soho Mall license extended
  • Narcotics sanctions: OFAC sanctions senior Venezuelan government official for drug trafficking
  • Narcotics sanctions: Lebanese shipping magnate and Salvadoran hotelier are removed from list, Mexican property management companies and Peruvian shipper are added
  • North Korea: House approves broad secondary sanctions bill, measure moves to Senate
  • North Korea: U.S. blocks property of coal company, 11 individuals
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control: New explanation of list removal process published
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control: Maximum penalty amounts adjusted for inflation
  • Russia: OFAC authorises dealings with Russian Federal Security Service as regulator
  • Russia: U.S. Senators propose limiting President’s authority to cut back sanctions
  • Russia: Exxon application for proposed Rosneft deal is rejected
  • Russia: Texas man sentenced to over 11 years in prison for microelectronics exports to Russia
  • Syria: U.S. blocks 271 individuals and one company linked to Assad’s chemical weapons programme
  • Syria: Three individuals arrested for exporting aircraft parts to sanctioned airline
  • Terrorist sanctions: OFAC targets individuals linked to al-Nusrah Front, Al-Qaida, al-Ashtar Brigade, ISIS and Hamas
  • Transnational criminal organisation sanctions: Sanctions lifted on four former PacNet executives
  • Western Balkans: OFAC designates Bosnian Serb leader for undermining 1995 Dayton Accords
  • Zimbabwe: Two former government officials are delisted
UN News
  • Sudan: UN publishes implementation assistance notice
  • Terrorist sanctions: UN security council removes one individual from 1988 committee sanctions list
  • Terrorist sanctions: UN security council removes individuals from ISIL (Da’eash) and Al-Qaida sanctions list
UK News
  • Iran: Withdrawal of Iran export guidance
  • Legality of EU sanctions: House of Lords report and government response
  • Magnitsky Act: House of Commons pass “Magnitsky Amendment”
  • Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation: New penalties for breaching financial sanctions
  • Post-Brexit sanctions: UK publishes post-Brexit white paper