Sanctions Alert Issue 53

August 2017
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EU News

  • Syria: EU Court renders verdicts on three Syrian asset freeze listing challenges
  • Syria: EU sanctions on Syria extended by one year
  • Syria: Addition of 16 individuals to EU sanctions list
  • Iran: CJEU gives judgment on Safa Nicu appeal
  • Iran: EU info requirements for Iran trade
  • Central African Republic: Conflict diamonds asset freeze maintained by EU General Court
  • Guinea-Bissau: EU renews Guinea-Bissau sanctions
  • DRC: EU implements updated UN sanctions
  • Libya: EU sanctions and further export restrictions
  • Terrorism: UN Terrorism additions adopted by EU
  • Terrorism: ECJ judgements on Hamas and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)
  • North Korea: EU updates sanctions
  • North Korea: EU considering new sanctions in conjunction with Japan
  • North Korea: Latvian regulator fines three banks for sanction violations

UK News

  • UK: New International Sanctions Bill announced
  • Brexit: UK provides further detail on post-Brexit sanctions apparatus
  • UK sanctions reporting requirements expanded

Russia News

  • Kiselev inclusion on restrictive measures list upheld by EU Court
  • EU renews Crimea & Sevastopol sanctions
  • EU sanctions renewed
  • Turkey presence on Russia sanctions list significantly reduced
  • Putin announces renewal of retaliatory sanctions
  • OFAC adds names to Russia/Ukraine sanctions lists, blocks banks and businesses operating in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine
  • ExxonMobil appeals from $2 million OFAC fine for signing contract with blocked Russian oil company executive
  • U.S. toughens sanctions on Russia, North Korea and Iran; Russia Retaliates

US News

  • Cuba: President Trump issues directive reimposing some sanctions
  • Cuba: OFAC settles with American Honda Finance Corporation for car leases to Cuban embassy in Canada
  • DR Congo: OFAC sanctions senior DRC government official
  • Iran: U.S. renews nuclear sanctions relief
  • Iran: Appellate court overturns OFAC penalty against car stereo exporter
  • Iran: Jury finds Manhattan skyscraper subject to forfeiture
  • Iran: Extradited Singaporean national sentenced to prison for exporting U.S. components found in IEDs in Iraq
  • Iran: Companies based in Iran, China and Turkey sanctioned for supporting Iran’s weapons programmes
  • Iran, Sudan and Cuba: AIG settles with OFAC over marine cargo insurance
  • North Korea: FinCEN imposes AML restrictions on Chinese bank; OFAC sanctions Russian and Chinese companies for exports to North Korea
  • Sudan: U.S. extends sanctions review
  • Syria: U.S. sanctions individuals and entities linked to Assad regime
  • Venezuela: OFAC sanctions eight judges on Venezuela’s Supreme Court
  • Counter-Narcotics: New designations in Mexico and Colombia
  • Counter-Terrorism: New designations in Yemen, Iraq and Pakistan
  • Export controls: U.S. man charged for attempted weapons export to Russia
  • Export controls: U.S. businessman pleads guilty to illegal exports to Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
  • TCO sanctions: Two former PacNet executives removed from SDN list

UN News

  • South Sudan: Sanctions reviewed by Security Council
  • North Korea: Security Council extends sanctions regime
  • Council additions and amendments