Russian Counter-Sanctions Law Is In Force

8 June 2018
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Key takeaways
  • On June 4, 2018, the Russian Law on Counter-Measures for Hostile Actions of the United States and Other Foreign States came into force.
  • The Counter-Sanctions Law allows implementation of measures in response to hostile actions against the Russian Federation and Russian persons. These measures may target the United States and other foreign states committing hostile actions, entities controlled or affiliated with hostile states, and officials and citizens of these states that are involved in hostile actions.
  • Counter-sanctions may include termination and suspension of international cooperation with hostile states, restrictions on imports and exports to and from hostile states, restrictions on performing work for Russian state and municipal authorities and for certain types of entities, restrictions on participation in privatization of Russian state property, and other measures determined by the Russian President.
  • Although the Counter-Sanctions Law vests broad authority in the Russian President and the government to impose sanctions, it does not mandate any sanctions.