Susan Reagan Gittes

New York
Tel: +1 212 909 6759
Susan Reagan Gittes is a litigation partner whose practice focuses on complex civil litigation and regulatory inquiries. As a member of the firm’s ... Read Full Biography


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  • The Status of Federal and State Best Interest Initiatives
    24 September 2019
    Association of Life Insurance Council
    ALIC Regional Roundtable
    Atlanta, Georgia
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  • Diversity & Inclusion Will Keep Us Competitive
    19-21 May 2019
    The Association of Life Insurance Counsel
    ALIC Annual Meeting
    Palm Beach, Florida
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  • Marijuana and the Life Insurance Industry
    23 October 2018
    Association of Life Insurance Counsel
    ALIC Regional Insurance Counsel Roundtable
    New York, New York
    Speaking Engagements
  • Hot Topics in Life Insurance
    12 July 2018
    American Council of Life Insurers
    ACLI Compliance & Legal Sections Annual Meeting 2018
    White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
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